• Dr. Domb!

    Thanks a lot for getting my hip right. Looking forward to a full recovery and a great season. Thanks again for everything.

    Corey WoottonChicago Bears and Detroit Lions
  • Thank you for all that you have done for me and the team. My hip feels so much better, and because of you I'm pain free.
    Sylvia Fowles WNBA Finals MVP, 2-time Olympic Gold Medalist
  • Thank you for working your magic! You're the best!
    Zakiya BywatersChicago Red Stars, National Women's Soccer League
  • Thanks for all the love and positive Energy that was put into my surgery. May the Lord bless you and your family.
    Atari BigbyGreen Bay Packers and San Diego Chargers
  • Dr. Domb, Thanks for fixing me up
    Rashied DavisChicago Bears
  • Huge thank you to Dr. Domb for always taking care of me and getting me back on the court in no time!
    Elena Delle DonneChicago Sky, MVP of the WNBA
  • Dr. Domb! Thanks for taking care of the hip! All the best to you and your staff
    Roosevelt ColvinChicago Bears' All-Decade Defense team
  • Thanks doc for fixing my hip!
    Ryan ChiaveriniWindy City Live Co-Host on ABC7

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  • "One year and a few days after my hip replacement surgery and all I have is praise for the Doctors work in ridding me of the pain I had been suffering for sometime. My only regret is, why did I not do this sooner . Thank you Dr. Domb and staff for one year and a few days of pain free movement, here's hoping for many miles and smiles with my new hip.."

    - Rudy R

  • "I have been an athlete my whole life but unfortunately over-trained for several decades. This resulted in numerous injuries as a child, teenager, and adult. My hip broke down to such a degree that surgery was the only option for me to be able to stand, walk, and live pain free. I am grateful to Dr. Benjamin Domb for his: recommendations for my surgery back in the spring of 2014; suggestions for rehab and how to proceed with an active and healthy lifestyle. In fact, most recently I was able to bike over 200 kilometers on the roads of mountainous Mallorca Island, Spain completely pain free. Thanks Dr. Domb!"

    - Laura A

  • "Surgery went great, I felt as good as new within days. Dr. Domb and his staff were great about answering questions and setting me up with the right people to get back to 100%! Great experience."

    - Noah G

  • "What can I say, I'm so glad I chose Dr. Domb for my hip replacement. I actually don't live in Illinois but after exhausting my search for a doctor in my area, I came across Dr. Domb. After doing some research on Dr. Domb there was no way I couldn't at least schedule an appointment. Although I was a little apprehensive having my doctor in another state I contacted his office and was immediately put at ease. Dr. Domb's office staff was friendly and knowledgeable, they were able to answer all the questions I had. They even offered to review all my records before any appointment to make sure Dr. Domb could help me before I drove 5 hours for no reason. Dr. Domb looked at my records for free, I mean who does that now a days! Once I did come into the office for visit, I was impressed again. I met with Dr. Domb and his staff, he went over my mri I had sent in earlier, went over my options, the pros/cons. What he did tell me is that I will need a hip replacement eventually. He offered other options like therapy or injections not just surgery. That was what I liked, he wasn't eager to just cut me open. I went home, thought about everything a decided surgery would be my best option, I had my surgery at a facility in munster, IN. I wasn't thrilled about driving there but another FREE service they offer was transportation to and from the facility. I didn't have to stay overnight in a big hospital, I was back in my hotel room later the same day and was seen for a follow up visit 2 days later. After that I was heading home to start my therapy and my doctor back home accommodated me with any concerns. I could keep going! From the first phone call to all my emails with questions (yes I had alot) everyone was very professional and patient with me. I can't say how thankful I am for Dr. Domb and his ability to get me healthy once again."

    - Cindy C

  • "I recently had my one year follow up appointment for my right hip arthroscopy with Dr. Domb and I feel great! Before coming in, I was concerned about my progress in therapy; however, after talking to Dr. Domb and Julie, they suggested PRP injections. They have worked wonders! I cannot express how much I appreciate Dr. Domb’s commitment to getting my hip back to 100%. Dr. Domb and his team have always been friendly, comforting and informative. The staff always gets back to me right away, no matter what the question or concern may be. This makes a world of a difference and shows how much they really care about me. I understand that he is a busy surgeon and sought out by many; however, his expertise in the field seems to have given him the ability to quickly examine and diagnose the source of my problem. While I do not always see Dr. Domb himself, his staff has always taken great care of me and are capable of explaining my treatment plan. I highly recommend Dr. Domb to anyone who is having hip pain, you will be in the best hands!"

    - Emily T

  • "Recently had hip surgery by Dr Domb. Excellent experience from start to finish! I have been suffering from hip pain for years now, and after many inaccurate diagnoses by multiple specialists, I was referred to Dr Domb by a colleague who also had hip surgery by him, and had an equally excellent experience and outcome. His staff was helpful and thorough and guided me through the process, and Dr Domb's experience, reputation, education and bedside manner were top notch. He is not only a very skilled surgeon, but a compassionate physician. I am now 3 months post surgery and feel better than I have in years! I am finally able to return to my active lifestyle and get back to doing the activities I love, pain free! Many, many thanks Dr Domb!" Claire Simpson (5 Stars)(Sent reply to the Client review)"

    - Claire S

  • "my experience was amazing! Dr. Domb and his team were very informative and comforting. I had a hip arthroscopy done with a whole lotta other minor procedures and feel 100% better. Tell your friends, family, random people with hip problems...Dr. Domb is the man to see."

    - Chris B

  • "The entire process from diagnosis to post op was extremely professional."

    - Rick T

  • "Dr.Domb fixed me! Dr.Domb did my labral tear surgery and there were no complications and everything went very smoothly! I would recommend himself and his team to anyone who needed a hip surgery! His staff is professional and thorough! He has excellent bedside manner and I cannot say thank you enough!"

    - Genny P

  • "Outstanding surgeon and staff. Highly recommended. Recovery went well (first week is tough) but overall, very pleased with my choice of medical professionals."

    - Katherine S

  • "So happy I heard about Dr Domb from my physical therapist and went to him for hip replacement. I am pain free and so happy! I traveled 250 miles from Indiana to have him do my surgery because of his education and reputation. I had the robotic arm used and yes it cost me more $$ since blue cross didnt want to cover that portion, but my health is worth it. Wonderful Julie Morgan the assistant. Cant say enough about her!!"

    - Karen W

  • "Dr. Domb and his staff are top notch. I am extremely happy with the outcome of my total hip replacement and the care that I received both before and after the surgery. I would recommend Dr. Domb to anyone who is looking for an orthopedic doctor to treat hip or knee pain."

    - Sue P

  • "My daughter Sofia Porta, at 15, was suffering an 8 out of 10 on a pain scale just sitting in class or walking to school. She had undergone months of physical therapy to try to rectify her pain in both hips, likely a result of dancing over the course of 12 years or so. After consulting with two other surgeons, the second of whom recommended Dr. Domb prior to his willingness to operate, we met Dr. Domb who instilled confidence and great preoperative guidance pragmatically and emotionally. Thankfully, our due diligence selecting Domb payed off tremendously. Her second surgery required a labrum reconstruction, a technique in which he both specialized and with which he had great experience. Two years later, after following his detailed intense protocols, she is back to dancing (cautiously and with modifications) four days a week, and performing the last three opportunities. She lives entirely pain-free. Everyone is in awe of her recovery. To live a life free from daily pain at such a YOUNG age is the greatest gift Dr. Domb and his highly professional team of surgeons, fellows, physical therapists, nurses, receptionists, and any other critical staff member who makes their magic happen behind the scenes. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. May you and your families enjoy the happiest and healthiest holidays reminded of your tremendous value as you work long hours away from your own families to help so greatly so many others. "

    - Michele D

  • "Dr. Domb and his staff are great. I had hip pain for about a year and a half and was told I needed surgery. The surgery really helped and was a success. The recovery process went well and I was feeling only a little pain after about 4 months. I was able to go back to playing sports after 6 months. I am very pleased with the service Dr. Domb and his staff provides to their patients."

    - Stephanie S

  • "Being a Scuba Insructor, I was finding it very difficult to do my work with a painful hip. I was under the care of a Rheumatologist and after trying injections in my hip, which didn't work, I was advised to consider a total hip replacement. My initial appointment was made with another surgeon at Hinsdale Orthopedic Associates but as I read, talked with physical therapists and investigated the techniques for a THR I thought the "Anterior Method" was best for me so I sought out Dr. Domb as the best surgeon to perform my surgery. From the initial appointment I found Dr. Domb to be very interactive with decisions concerning my care. He listened, answered my questions and discussed my options with me and my husband. On the day of surgery there was a problem with the robotic software which delayed my surgery. Instead of sending a nurse or other assistant Dr. Domb personally made not one but two trips to my holding room to insure me they were working on the problem and I would indeed have my surgery that day and I did. Kinzie Sharp, PA and Dr. Domb's entire team were great throughout the entire process. When I had concerns while in the hospital they were addressed immediately. I just returned from my one-year check-up and was happy to report to Dr. Domb that for the first time in several years I was able to climb up the dive boat ladder with all of my gear on...the bar I had set for myself!!! Thank you Dr. Domb! Pat Brennan"

    - Pat B

  • "Had a wonderful experience with Dr Domb and his staff! I have been having hip pain for years, and have seen many doctors- all of whom have either dismissed the pain or misdiagnosed it. Dr Domb took the time to really listen to me and took me through a very careful examination. I was really impressed that even though he is a surgeon, he is not one to rush his patients into surgery. We exhausted every non surgical avenue, before setting a surgery date. Dr. Domb is a thoughtful, smart and compassionate doctor who truly cares about his patients! Even though, he has an extremely busy practice, I never felt rushed and I always left my appointments with all of my questions answered. And, I have to mention his staff- friendly, knowledgeable, professional and empathetic. Overall, I had an excellent experience as well as a excellent outcome after my surgery! Finally, I am able to return to my active lifestyle after years of suffering. Thank you, Dr Domb!"

    - Anne L

  • Dr. Domb identified my hip problems quickly. My pains could not be aliviated with PT only - I needed surgery. The surgery was a complete success! I was amazed at how small the surgical sight was - especially with the amount of repair completed. However Dr. Domb does his procedures - it put my on a track to a very successful recovery. The surgery, coupled with 12 weeks of PT has made such a difference in my life. Pre-surgery I couldn't even get up from a chair without horrible pain... 3 months later - I can excercise for over an hour - hip pain free. Thank you Dr. Domb, and Hinsdale Orthopaedics PT staff!"

    - Beth W

  • "I cannot say enough about my positive experience with Dr. Domb. He is a compassionate and understanding caregiver. The quality that I admire most about Dr. Domb is that he is a good listener, and he takes the time necessary to talk to you about each step of the process. Dr. Domb and his staff thoroughly explained the surgery and post-surgery procedures. The joint class that was offered through Hinsdale hospital was also helpful and alleviated many fears that I had going into the surgery. Dr. Domb’s professional support team at the Hinsdale and Westmont offices were wonderful. I was well cared for. I never felt like a number. Just an example of the staff going the extra mile, I was late for my post-operation appointment. Traffic was back up for miles near the office. My friend dropped me off at the Hinsdale office just in time for my appointment, which was actually at the Westmont office. My friend had already left the office, so I had no way to get to the other office. The staff manage drove me to the Westmont office so I could make my appointment. That’s called going–the-extra-mile your patient. I was very scared going into the surgery. I did not think that I would come out of the surgery the same way as I went in. Common fear I understand. I could not have predicted how well I responded to the surgery. Dr. Domb said that I would be able to walk the day after surgery, and I was. I thought that I would be in excruciating pain after the surgery and it never was excruciating. I did not think I would get my flexibility back, but after three to four months of physical therapy, I am close to where I was before surgery. I have surpassed 95% of my physical therapy goals. I am very (very) happy with the outcome of my surgery. I could not have achieved that without Dr. Domb’s skill as a surgeon and my determination to return to a full and active lifestyle without pain in my hip. Words can say enough how grateful I am to have Dr. Domb as my orthopedic surgeon. Thank you, J. Scott"

    - J S

  • "I came to Dr. Domb about 8 months ago with chronic hip pain. When I first came to him, he was very personable and appeared to want to help in any way possible. He explained in great detail as to what he thought was the best course of action, what I would have to do, and how long this process would take. Now, two surgeries by Dr. Domb later, I feel substantially better. Dr. Domb did a marvelous job on my hips, and because of him, I can get back on the soccer field, playing the game I love. Thanks Dr. Domb!"

    - Dan R

  • "I came to see Dr. Domb for pain in my right hip. My orthopedic surgeon could not find a cause except to tell me I had arthritis. I ended up having a torn labrum in my hip and had surgery with excellent results. A few years later I developed more problems in my hip and needed to have my hip replaced. Dr. Domb did my total hip replacement using the anterior approach. I was in the hospital overnight and walked out of the hospital the next day. My results and recovery were GREAT!!! I am a Registered Nurse and I am on my feet all day long. I have absolutely no pain and feel like a new woman. Dr. Domb and his staff's professionalism and caring concern were the important factors in achieving my excellent results. I strongly recommend his services."

    - Barbara B