Healthgrades Reviews

  • "Glad I went through with hip surgery with Dr. Domb. Agree that the financial aspect can be confusing, they should remind patients more than once that the ~50K bills will not ultimately fall on them, to avoid unnecessary worry. I placed one phone call to their billing office in Florida and they sent my refund/hostage check back. I've never encountered a similar process at a doctors office so it was a little odd to me, but I'll take it over going to my in-network surgeon who had less experience!"

    - Lisa

  • "My experience was a very positive one. The office is very efficient. I never had to wait too long. They answered all my questions in a friendly professional manner. I liked how all pertinent people were available to talk to me. I Only saw Dr. Domb only twice, once initially and again before surgery. But I didn't care because the rest of the team was great. I asked how many hip replacements he had done before and found out he has done between 3000-4000! My surgery was successful."

    - Kelly H

  • "Dr. Domb was a very friendly and knowledgeable doctor. He preformed hip arthroscopy on my torn labrum as well as shaving down my bone. He always made sure I was comfortable and informed. His staff was also very friendly and comforting. He is a great surgeon and doctor. If there was one thing I didn't like about my visit, it was that his staff would not stop commenting on how young I am. I am 19, so yes I know I'm young to have a torn hip, thanks."

    - Amanda

  • "Recently had hip surgery by Dr. Domb. Excellent experience from start to finish! I have been suffering from hip pain for years now, and after many inaccurate diagnoses by multiple specialists, I was referred to Dr. Domb by a colleague who also had hip surgery by him, and had an equally excellent experience and outcome. His staff was helpful and thorough and guided me through the process, and Dr. Domb's experience, reputation, education and bedside manner were top notch."

    - Claire S