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"My experience with a total hip replacement

After 3 years of finding ways to buy time and delay surgery, I decided to go ahead with right hip replacement surgery on November 12, 2013. I am a very active 61 year old and wanted to stay that way. My goals were to continue playing golf, tennis, hiking and biking. For 9 months prior to the surgery I used a trainer to take me through a “pre-hab” program to strengthen all the muscles that would be affected by the surgery in advance. After considerable discussion my surgeon, Dr. Benjamin Domb, with Hinsdale Orthopaedics in Chicago we selected the joint to be used as well as to use the anterior approach with robotic guidance. I wanted to rehab as quickly as possible and to straighten my right foot which had progressively turned out as my hip deteriorated.

Surgery took place on a Tuesday late afternoon. That evening I was walking without pain with the use of a walker. I distinctly recall my delight when I first looked down and saw that my foot was straight again for the first time in 4 years. The next morning at 9AM the physical therapist was back to get me walking with crutches. After about 100 feet, I realized that I did not need them and was allowed to walk without assistance. Since then I have never required a cane, crutch or walker. I was discharged later that day to be met by a home nurse and home physical therapist. They were very helpful and and constantly surprised that I had no pain from day one. I did have a tightness from, what was described as normal swelling but never pain. After two weeks, I moved to out-patient physical therapy, where I was pleased to find that the work we were doing was indeed the same as I had done in pre-hab.

At this point, it has been 7 weeks and I can say that I am absolutely unaware of my right hip. I have walked a mile per day since the end of week 2 and have kept up with daily work outs as allowed by my physical therapist. At this point I would like to work out more aggressively but am bound by the protocols. I look forward to increasing activity and fully expect to be playing golf and tennis as weather allows. My thanks to the terrific staff that took me through this process and particularly to Dr Domb. My expectations were fully surpassed.

I highly recommend this approach to any that qualify."

-Bruce C