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Sports Injuries

Hip injuries are extremely common in competitive sports due to tremendous forces placed on the hips. Many professional athletes have undergone hip arthroscopy for hip injuries, including Alex Rodriguez, Mike Lowell and Kurt Warner. Hip trauma may occur due to a specific injury or may develop over time due to repetitive micotrauma.

Athletic hip injuries are commonly misdiagnosed as a pulled groin, sports hernia or muscle strain. However, if hip pain persists despite a trial of rest, activity modification and physical therapy, the hip should be further evaluated for a missed injury. When a hip injury affects athletic performance, arthroscopic intervention may assist in the athlete's return to full strength and possibly their athletic career.

Below is a list of professional athletes who have had hip arthroscopies:


  • Brandon Marshall, NFL Wide Receiver, Chicago Bears
  • Kurt Warner, NFL quarterback, Arizona Cardinals
  • Priest Holmes, NFL running back, Kansas City Chiefs


  • Brian Roberts, MLB second baseman, baltimore Orioles
  • Alex Rodriguez, MLB third baseman, New York Yankees
  • Mike Lowell, MLB third baseman, Boston Red Sox
  • Carlos Delgado, MLB first baseman, Boston Red Sox
  • Chase Utley, MLB second baseman, Philadelphia Phillies
  • Darren O'day, MLB pitcher, Baltimore Orioles


  • Troy Hudson, NBA point guard, most recently played with Golden State Warriors
  • Theo Raliffe, fromer NBA center forward for Atlanta Hawks and Los Angeles Lakers


Greg Norma, PGA tour

Figure skating

Tara Lapinski, Olympic figure skater


Mario Lemieux, Former NHL player, Canada


Magnus Norman, ATP World Tour

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