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Phillip M, a past baseball player at Downers

Phillip M, a past baseball player at Downers Grove South High School injured his left hip while diving for a ball in the outfield. He sought treatment from Dr. Domb.

"After the injury I was really sore," Phillip M said. "I wasn't able to walk without pain. I did physical therapy for two months, but since there was a tear, it didn't help much."

Dr. Domb discovered a tear in Phillip M's labrum, an essential part of the hip's cartilage. Given the nature of the injury, Dr. Domb told Phillip M that he was a perfect candidate for a minimally invasive arthroscopic hip procedure. By performing a hip arthroscopy, Domb could repair the tear in hopes of Phillip M returning to the baseball diamond within a few months.

When asked about his experience with Dr. Domb, Phillip M recalled, “This was my first surgery, so I didn't really know what to expect, but I definitely feel better than before the surgery. I was only on crutches for two weeks. I've been in physical therapy for nearly six weeks now and feel myself getting better every week.” He soon returned to a successful competitive baseball career.

- Phillip M