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What Our Patients Are Saying

We strive to provide every patient with the highest level of personal service and care.

"Dr. Domb made me feel comfortable from the moment I stepped into the patient's room. He listened to my worries about a hip injury and recognized a potential problem right away. He asked me take some X-rays and get an MRI, which revealed to him that I had a hip impingement and labral tear, and he recommended a hip arthroscopy surgery.

At the time, I was only 16 years old and very scared. After all, it's not every day that a 16-year-old has to have hip surgery! However, Dr. Domb did an excellent job explaining the situation to me so I could completely understand what needed to be done in order to repair my hip. His confidence and comforting manner helped make the process much less overwhelming. The surgery went flawlessly and the physical therapy that followed brought me to full recovery. Another thing I appreciated was his honesty about the situation. Although I was just a teenager, he treated me with respect and made certain that I knew everything that was happening with my hips. He helped me come to terms with the fact that my left hip would eventually need surgery for the same issue.

Sure enough, two years later Dr. Domb performed surgery on my left hip. As difficult as it was having had two hip surgeries as a high school student and athlete, I was able to make a full recovery and participate in the activities I cared most about because of Dr. Domb. Without having a doctor with his confidence, skill, and caring manner, I might have missed out on some of the best experiences in high school because of my hips. I've had many injuries and illnesses that required many different doctors and facilities, and I can truthfully say that the best treatment, care and attention I have ever received were from Dr. Domb at Hinsdale Orthopedics. Both of my hips are fully recovered and allowing me to function normally. Because of him, I'm allowed to live my life without worrying about my hips. I cannot say enough how grateful I am for the genuine kindness and care I received from Dr. Domb and Hinsdale Orthopedics. Hinsdale Orthopedics is an excellent facility that provides the best care from their outstanding physicians."

- Rachel M, LaGrange, IL