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What Our Patients Are Saying

We strive to provide every patient with the highest level of personal service and care.

"To prospective patients of Hinsdale Orthopedics & Dr. Benjamin Domb,

While serving U.S. Interests overseas as a High Threat Protection Specialist in 2013, I injured my hip and right hamstring. The injury was quite debilitating and I eventually returned home and required surgery through a different doctor and practice. After months of recovery and therapy, I was cleared by Doctors to return to work. I once again rotated overseas in a work capacity despite my voiced suspicions that the injury was still an issue. It was not long before it was evident that something was still very wrong. Severe pain, stiffness, and a lack of power and mobility not only persisted but increased despite efforts to maintain and improve strength and flexibility.

I returned home to the suburbs of Chicago and sought an alternative Doctor and practice. Research led me to Dr. Benjamin Dombs office in Hinsdale Illinois. Their work at Hinsdale Ortho was well regarded not only in the Chicagoland area, but nationwide, therefore the choice to seek his care was easy. Upon meeting with Dr. Domb and performing MRI’s on my hip and hamstring in the summer of 2015, he immediately identified some issues. Not only did Dr. Domb recommend an additional surgery on my hip, but identified a tear in my hamstring that had gone undiagnosed. Dr. Domb and his office were committed to getting treatments approved through workers compensation despite over a year’s long struggle to gain approval.

In February of 2017 Dr. Domb performed surgery in which he discovered that not only was my hip in poor condition, but that my entire right labrum needed to be replaced. After over a year of Therapy and treatment for my hip I can say that the results have been extremely positive. I have seen significant improvement in my condition from the first surgery, to the second procedure performed by Dr. Domb.

While there is no doubt I will never be the same following the injury of my hip and hamstring, the work of Dr. Domb has greatly improved my condition and quality of life. I will not be able to return to the profession of High Threat Protection as a result of this injury, but through the work and treatment of Hinsdale Ortho I will be able to return to the work field as a contributing member of society. As well I have been able to return to some of my hobbies and passions here at home; Activities which just a couple of years earlier seemed in doubt.

To all the staff at Hinsdale Orthopedics, the level of care you have provided me has been unparalleled. The sincere concern for my physical well-being was evident throughout my treatment with your practice, and it will not be forgotten."

- Thank You! Your Patient