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While training for the Chicago Half Marathon, avid runner

While training for the Chicago Half Marathon, avid runner and physical therapist Melissa S, 37, of DeKalb, IL, began experiencing achy hip pain. She began a course of self-guided physical therapy for about one week with no improvement.

Three days after the injury and ten days before the Half Marathon, Melissa reached out to Dr. Domb, who she heard about through her physical therapy patients. Melissa had even sent many of her physical therapy patients with non-resolving hip pain to Dr. Domb.

Dr. Domb evaluated Melissa and discovered that she had torn her labrum and ligamentum teres. Additionally, her capsule was stretched out. Melissa said Dr. Domb explained her injuries in a way that she could easily understand and took time to answer her questions.

Melissa has since reported nearly 100% improvement in her hip pain since surgery. She is anxious to begin running and snow skiing again.

- Melissa S