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American Hip Institute: First Of Its Kind

American Hip Insititute News Page ImageThe American Hip Institute recently opened its doors as the first clinic in the U.S. to specialize exclusively in hip injuries. Its mission is "to serve as a resource to surgeons and their patients; to educate, innovate and offer the most advanced and comprehensive treatment options for injuries of the hip joint".

Benjamin Domb, M.D., founder and medical director, talked to OTW about why having a center like this is so important.

He said, "There has been an unmistakable trend in medicine over last 100 years towards specialization. We have seen an evolution of two parallel fields, hip arthroplasty and hip preservation. It can get confusing for patients who just know they have a hip problem, and do not know whether they need a hip arthroplasty or a hip preservation surgery. They often bounce around between specialists until the right diagnosis and treatment is found. The goal is to take a comprehensive approach to the hip joint to solve this."

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