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IT Band Syndrome

Iliotibial band syndrome (IT band syndrome) can be a cause of lateral hip pain. The IT band is a thick fascia that begins at the ilium of the pelvis, crosses the lateral aspect of the hip (greater trochanter) and extends to the tibia, on the lateral aspect of the knee.

Iliotibial band syndrome is common in athletes and runners. IT band syndrome can cause a tight IT band and result in a condition called External Snapping hip. This is where the IT band snaps over the greater trochanter causing pain or even an audible noise or visible pop. IT band syndrome can be treated with rest, activity modification, foam rolling and physical therapy to stretch the IT band. If conservative measures fail to improve IT band syndrome of external snapping, Hip Arthroscopy can be undertaken to lengthen the IT band.

Iliotibial band syndrome can also affect the knee.