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Greater trochanteric pain syndrome (GTPS): is a common complaint with an estimated incidence of 1.8 per 1,000 persons. 1 Patients usually present with a dull pain on the lateral aspect of the hip, sometimes with radiation posteriorly and into the thigh. The pain is aggravated by pressure on the area, weight bearing, and resisted hip abduction.

Anatomy of Gluteal Tendon Insertions: To diagnose and treat tears of the gluteal tendons, it is essential to understand the precise anatomy of the tendon insertions, the bursae, and the bony facets of the greater trochanter (Fig 1). The gluteus minimus inserts on the anterior facet of the greater trochanter, and the gluteus medius has 3 attachment points. The thicker, main component of the gluteus medius tendon arises from the central posterior portion of the muscle and has a thick tendinous insertion on the superoposterior facet. 11 The thin, broad, lateral component is mostly muscular in nature and arises from the undersurface of the muscle belly, attaching to the lateral facet of the trochanter. 11,12 Finally, the gluteus medius insertion continues anteriorly to form the anterior attachment, which is not visible macroscopically. 13

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