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Famous Athletes With Hip Resurfacing and Hip Replacements
Famous Athletes With Hip Resurfacing and Hip Replacements

Pain from hip injuries can negatively affect sports performance and even hinder day-to-day tasks. But aside from that, hip conditions can also compel even the fittest athletes to end their careers abruptly. 

Fortunately, exhausting your non-operative solutions does not necessarily mean the end of the road for you. Thanks to technological advancements, procedures like hip replacements have become advanced, giving patients increasing chances of returning to the activities they love. 

However, hip surgery is still plagued with outdated beliefs. Some specifically believe that athletes who have had hip replacements will never be able to play or lead an active lifestyle again. 

If you are a candidate for hip surgery seeking hope and assurance before the procedure, this blog is for you. Below we list some famous athletes with hip replacements who still went on to live their lives to the fullest — with their new and well-functioning hips. 

4 Famous Athletes With Hip Replacements or Hip Resurfacing

Andy Murray 

Andy Murray is a three-time Grand Slam Champion with two Wimbledon titles (2013, 2016) and one at the US Open (2012). He was also ranked No. 1 by the Association of Tennis Professionals in the men’s singles tennis category for 41 weeks before eventually emerging as the year-end No. 1 in 2016. That said, he is also among the well-known athletes who have had hip replacements recently. 

Based on interviews with Murray on the topic, he has been dealing with hip pain for a long time. Since tennis engages the hip joint with repetitive pivoting, twisting and sprinting, the intense physical activity likely contributed to his joint's premature wear and tear. 

Murray underwent arthroscopic surgery in 2018 to address his joint and labral damage. But because of an already substantial cartilage loss, he received hip resurfacing a year later. The procedure involved capping the femur head with metal and putting it into an artificial socket. 

He reached his first ATP Tour final since the hip resurfacing procedure in January 2022. While he may have lost to Aslan Karatsev, his final appearance is still a triumphant return after being on the verge of retirement before his surgery. 

Bo Jackson 

Bo Jackson is regarded as one of the greatest athletes of all time, especially after being named an All-Star in two sports: football and baseball. He is the only player to make the Pro Bowl and become an MLB All-Star as well. 

Jackson played for the Los Angeles Raiders in the National Football League. However, in January 1991, he dislocated his hip after receiving a routine tackle in the AFC Divisional playoffs. He was later diagnosed with avascular necrosis, which is the death of the femoral head’s tissues due to a lack of blood supply.  

While he has never played professional football since then, his hip replacement surgery in April 1992 can be considered a success. After that, Jackson recovered and appeared in more than a hundred games for the White Sox, hitting 16 home runs before wrapping up his baseball career in 1994.

Laird Hamilton 

Laird Hamilton is well-known as a big-wave surfer and the pioneer behind surfing innovations like tow-in surfing, stand-up paddle boarding and hydrofoil boarding.  

Based on information available online, Hamilton had his hip replaced in 2016 as part of his efforts to keep his body in peak physical condition. His wife, former professional volleyball player Gabrielle Reese, received a knee replacement along with him. Not long after the procedure, his social media posts show Hamilton back up on his feet — and with no crutches at all. 

Alex Rodriguez 

Alex Rodriguez, nicknamed “A-Rod,” is a former professional baseball shortstop and third baseman. He used to play for the Seattle Mariners, Texas Rangers and New York Yankees for a total of 22 seasons in Major League Baseball (MLB). 

Throughout his career, Rodriguez has undergone different hip surgeries. He first had problems with the joint in 2009 and underwent surgery on his right hip to treat a soft tissue cyst. He went on to receive arthroscopic surgery in 2012 to address a torn labrum and bone impingement. Finally, Rodriguez underwent a two-hour procedure in 2013 to shave his femur and make it fit into his hip socket better. 

He was suspended for the entire season in 2014, but he made a remarkable comeback in 2015 after playing one of the best seasons in his career. 

Enjoy Every Game Free of Pain With Hip Replacements

These famous athletes with hip replacements prove that there’s still life after getting a new hip. But aside from their testimonies, recent statistics also show that procedures such as hip resurfacing produce encouraging results. For example, 87% of 117 patients observed were able to return to high-impact sports after undergoing hip resurfacing. 33 out of 40 runners were able to resume their activities as well. 

If you’re ready to say goodbye to hip pain and enjoy your next game, make sure to seek only certified and nationally recognized orthopedic surgeons like Dr. Benjamin Domb. As a renowned surgeon specializing in sports medicine and hip arthroscopy, he has helped numerous professional, Olympic, and elite-level athletes successfully return to their game. 

Book an appointment today to learn how our hip procedures can help your unique condition. We’d love to get you pain-free — and back in the game! 

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