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Hip Arthroscopy May Delay Arthritis
Hip Arthroscopy May Delay Arthritis


Hip arthroscopy is one of the cutting-edge areas in orthopedics. Highly specialized arthroscopic hip procedures have allowed athletes to get back to their game and people to return to their jobs sooner as compared to traditional open hip surgery. Often hip arthroscopy may be able to delay or prevent the need for more extensive procedures such as hip replacement.

Individuals suffering from early stages of arthritis may benefit from hip arthroscopy, particularly when there is extra bone growth at the ends of the bones that is interfering with normal movement of the hip joint. Arthroscopic instruments can be used to reshape the bone enabling a better fit between the ball and socket interface of the hip joint improving hip mobility and function while reducing hip pain.

In patients with advanced osteoarthritis, arthroscopic treatments may provide temporary relief of patient discomfort without significantly changing the natural course of the disease. Hip arthroscopy may also be used to treat injury to acetabular labrum (ring of cartilage surrounding the hip socket) and the adjacent cartilage if the damage is present at the periphery of the acetabulum and not in the loading area.

The key benefits of hip arthroscopy include:

  • Reduced hip pain
  • Minimal scarring
  • Faster recovery
  • May eliminate or delay need for hip replacement surgery

If you have been experiencing discomfort in your hip that is affecting your quality of life and conservative treatments do not provide relief, but you aren’t yet ready to undergo extensive surgery, talk to us about hip arthroscopy.


Dr. Domb is a nationally recognized orthopaedic surgeon specializing in sports medicine and arthroscopic surgery of the hip, shoulder and knee. A noted pioneer in advanced new techniques in hip arthroscopy, he delivers innovative treatments for patients with hip injuries such as impingement and labral tears. Dr. Domb is also an expert in arthroscopic surgery of the shoulder and knee, adept in specialized techniques including arthroscopic rotator cuff repair and all-inside ACL reconstruction.

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