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Training Cancelled Due to COVID-19? How to Stay LimberAt Home
Training Cancelled Due to COVID-19? How to Stay LimberAt Home

With COVID-19 concerns shuttering gyms, cancelling team practices and postponing games, those who are used to a regular exercise routine are forced to get creative about how to stay in shape during the pandemic. Finding time and space to incorporate a mix of aerobic, strength, balance and flexibility training into your days at home will help you maintain your fitness and keep your body limber.

Even while social distancing remains a priority, there are ways to safely get outside to feel the burn. Running, walking, hiking, cycling or practicing ball skills in the yard or on an empty sidewalk provide ample forms of exercise that can be performed safely near home while keeping that recommended six-foot distance from others.

Even when cooped up inside, there are ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle and get a full workout at home. Many trainers and gyms are offering cyber classes at no cost, and fitness apps also provide virtual one-on-one exercise class experiences that can be done anywhere, anytime. Always wanted to try individual strength training or yoga? Now is your chance to get hooked on these home-friendly fitness trends.

When in doubt, use what you have. The stairs, a jug of water or a heavy can of beans can be turned into tools for aerobic and strength training.

If your fitness routine has changed significantly from what it was before, be patient with yourself as you rebuild your strength and stamina. Most athletes can expect to recover their former fitness quickly, in a matter of weeks. Those first runs, workouts and practices may feel tedious, but don’t panic. Ease back into the training regimen to ensure you don’t overdo it and cause harm to joints and muscles.

Back to Basics – Warm-Up Exercises

Even doing a set of quick, daily exercises can be an easy way to warm-up at home before exercising or just to help the body remain limber to avoid injury. The team at American Hip Institute recommends these five warm-up exercises that are simple to perform right at home:

  1. Bridging
    • Begin by lying on your back with your knees bent.
    • Tighten your lower abdominals, squeeze your buttocks and then raise your hips to the sky. This should create a “bridge” with your body.
    • Hold for five seconds and then lower yourself. Repeat 20 times.
  2. Single Leg Dead Lift
    • Stand up straight with both feet under hips.
    • Tighten your core and stand on one leg with a soft bend to the knee and weight on the heel.
    • Keep your core engaged and lean forward while raisingthe other leg behind you until it and your torso are parallel with the ground.
    • Pull the upward leg forward while keeping it and your back straight, returning to a standing position.
    • Repeat on each leg for one minute.
  3. Squat
    • Start by standing in an upright position with your heels flat on the ground at (or slightly wider than) shoulder width apart.
    • Keep your core and hips tight, align your knees with your second toe, send your chest up and hips back while doing a slow and controlled squat.
    • Repeat with good form for one minute.
  4. Hip Flexor Stretch
    • Start by lying down on either a table or bed.
    • Move your leg lower towards the floor until you can feel a stretch along the front of your thigh.
    • Hold for 30 seconds and repeat three times.
  5. Supine Hip External Rotation Stretch
    • Begin by lying on your back with one leg crossed over your knee.
    • Take your hand and push the crossed knee away from you until you feel a stretch.
    • Hold this for 30 seconds and repeat three times.

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